Things We Should Start Right Away to End Our Fear of The Future

1. Have a trust in God.

Firstly, let say, our life is like a sailing on the sea. We all start from the same island and there is only one island will be the best destination, that only God knows the way through it. Then, we can’t just stay. Go find the way to go to that island though we’re not having a boat yet or any swimming skills. Sure it won’t be easy, that’s why we should start knowing and believing our God. At least, ask Him the direction or maybe ask Him for a ‘boat’. Follow His path and we are totally safe! We won’t end up where we expected but we may end up somewhere much better.

2. Forgive our self first.

It’s a common thing that we’re all made a mistakes. Yes, forgive our self before others. I mean, by all the time we spent wastefully, by the chance we didn’t take at past, by the junk food that we ate almost every single day, also by the way we treated our ex-boy/girl-friend that now we wish we never knew them. Just stop blaming our self! How could we start doing new things if the past still be our favorite things to think about?

3. Be good, and everything will be all fine.

Be good with God, peoples, and time. Put everything in balance. Pray continuously, spread the love, and stop dreaming our dreams.  It’s time to take a risk. Be brave, be smart and be wise. Turn our worry into a work. Don’t be afraid of changes. We didn’t know what a difference it would be to take that chance, until we finally did.

4. Be thankful. Always.

Don’t ever, ever, compare our self to others. Be grateful, more and more. This is the point, really. We’re awake this morning, then we’re here for a reason, right? So please, learn to appreciate it now. Never complain, live simply and be thankful for everything. And finally, keep focus on our self (our own things, our own life, our own future and so on), not others. 🙂

“Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you or makes you happy.” – Robert Tew

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